About Us

Near Jenny Lake – Grand Tetons National Park

The dream of the perfect road trip began in 2008, when Alex, Eric, and Laj were still freshmen in high school – freshly licensed and eager to drive to the roller coaster capital of the world. Since then, in pursuit of this goal, their friendship has survived a number of trials – ranging from merely annoying (making Laj listen to 5 hours of yodeling in the backseat of the car) to actually insane (making Alex hike with a tube of raw meat through grizzly bear country in WY). They hope that their stories and advice can help other groups of friends plan their dream trips. Ideally without the grizzly bear part.

Alex lives in New Hampshire but hates the snow. When he’s not drinking coffee or cooking amazing Italian food, he’s trying to create the recipe for the world’s greatest beer. So far he has not succeeded.

Eric lives in Boulder, CO as he completes his PhD in Geology at the University of Colorado. His research focuses on water supplies stored in mountain snowpack. When he’s not confusing nearby skiers by digging large holes in the snow, Eric is hiking around Rocky Mountain National Park, making furniture in his garage, or brewing a new batch of beer.

Laj is a Software Engineer who lives in Boston, MA. Some of his favorite hobbies include: playing badminton, listening to music and napping on long car rides.

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